Ghouls, Gimps and Little People

Ghouls, Gimps and Little People

Well kinksters, I can tell you being a full-time Gimp of my quality and skill set is like having 8 jobs and none of them blow(if you know what I mean).

We recently held Dirty Devil Lingerie’s very first Fetish Themed event on Halloween Night! Check out the gallery and the video for some visual stimulation. The Dirty Devil Lingerie Erotic Exotic Fetish Ball at BASH Nightclub was a huge success! The turn out was amazing, the fashion shows looked great and my brand new Sissy Maid outfit stole the show. You twisted little Dom’s couldn’t keep your hands off of me!

We were also blessed with having the Little People’s Guild of Gimps Bangkok Chapter come to our event. They were out of control and had to be leashed for most of the night. Once they had calmed down and the music entered their brains we couldn’t keep them from the dance platforms.

This event was the first but it won’t be the last, so be prepared for more insanity.

Next week I shall begin to boggle your minds with a tale of one of my very first Dungeon experiences!

So enjoy your weekend kinksters and I shall leave you with words of wisdom that I live by. Never be afraid to slip a finger in!


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